Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m privileged to be the CEO of a wonderful organization called World 50 that is made up of a terrific group of people that inspire me every day and which is in the business of sharing ideas and collaborative discovery among remarkable executives from many of the world’s most respected companies. With all of these great people around me — World 50 associates sharing in the pursuit of building a great company, as well as the business leaders and great thinkers we bring together who are in pursuit of their own ambitious endeavors — I’m occasionally fortunate enough to gain an insight or perspective worth sharing. In this blog, I will do my best to share ideas on everything from leadership, innovation and culture to discoveries of all kinds picked up along the way, whether through curiosity or simply the desire to figure out how to do something better.

I am also proud to have three terrific young children with an accomplished wife I adore and might, on occasion, share tales from our adventures or my personal passions such as cycling, kiteboarding, furniture-making and travel.

I am but a student of life. If you are too, I hope there’s something for you to enjoy.

David Wilkie

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